Beard Oil Mount Pleasant, MI
PH: 800-232-1860

About the Company

Beard Oil was started in 1965 by Leo Beard while M&L petroleum was established in1986 by Mark Beard as a nation-wide common carrier and petroleum wholesale distributor in the South East market of Michigan. In 2006 the original customer base of Beard Oil was merged into M&L Petroleum’s national operations. In doing so many productive changes have been made as well as given the opportunity to offer many new services. M&L Petroleum has a main office in Mt. Pleasant Michigan as well as satellite offices in Detroit Michigan and Indianapolis Indiana. Upon Leo Beard’s retirement at 91 years old and 40 years of supplying pipelines, Mark Beard was given the opportunity to reacquaint himself with the industry and Leo’s customers. When doing so it became apparent that new modern approaches must be made to meet current industry demands.

At present Beard Oil is a separate department of M&L Petroleum made up of a full staff that is devoted to inventory controls, fuel supplies, equipment maintenance, logistics, 24-7 dispatch, book keeping and finance. This staff is sensitive to the flexible needs of the pipeline industry and understands that the words can’t or don’t do not exist in our operation. We sell a service not just petroleum products.

Because of the volatile crude oil markets Beard Oil monitors supply and prices throughout the U.S. daily. We have established numerous sources in each state as well as taking on national supply contracts with various suppliers that offer expanded resources. This flexibility ensures our customers of adequate supply during disrupted periods such as a hurricane, since we are able to immediately acquire supply from whatever distance to meet the disrupted needs.